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First Drillship (Fatih) of Turkey 

Mallik Gas Hydrate Project 

Gas Hydrate Sample on Seafloor 

Dr. Tim Collett's Presentation about Gas Hydrates 

Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation 

Ignik Sikumi Gas Hydrate Field Trial 

Nankai Gas Hydrate Test 

Gas Hydrates and Marine Life  

Gas Hydrate Expedition in Gulf of Mexico 

Gas Hydrates in Sediments

Dr.Mark Zoback's Speech About Shale Gas 

First Oil Producing Well of Turkey: Raman 8

While a PCP (Progressive Cavity Pump) is working

Oil Production from Bati Raman Heavy Oil Field, Batman, Turkey

MeBo Drilling Unit for Gas Hydrate Explorations

Drilling Activities in Nankai Trough

Gas Hydrate Degassing at the UT Pressure Core Center

Technical Trip to Fatih Drillship 

Gas Hydrate Numerical Simulation Results 

Prof. Tohidi's Webinar on Gas Hydrates

Black Sea-Sakarya Block Natural Gas Discovery by Fatih Drillship

Dr.Tim Collett's Speech About Recent Gas Hydrate Production Trials 

SNG technology for gas storage

3 Minute Thesis - Natural Gas Hydrates